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At The Nines, our Concierge team is dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences that truly embody the essence of Portland’s distinctive culinary scene, shopping havens, and outdoor adventures. We invite you to explore our Monthly Concierge Suggestions, a curated selection of recommendations thoughtfully chosen to enhance your stay this month.

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Patrick McNearney
Concierge Patrick McNearny with The Nines Hotel

Patrick McNearney

Patrick started his hospitality career in Cincinnati, Ohio as the Guest Services Supervisor for Winegardner & Hammons. Through his love of travel and exploration, he landed in Portland, Oregon where he quickly began to learn the ins and outs of the city. His love for Portland’s food, shopping, and outdoor scene have made Patrick the perfect candidate to help you plan your next visit.

Patrick’s motto is “vacation is a verb” and feels grateful to live in a city that offers it all. Patrick recently became a Certified Hotel Concierge through the Les Clefs d’Or program. You can often find Patrick at a BurnCycle class, at a vegan potluck, or exploring a new Portland destination.

Check out some of Patrick’s favorite things to do in Portland below

Maria Cruz Malochwiej
Concierge Maria Cruz with the Nines Hotel.

Maria Cruz Malochwiej

With an eight-year tenure in global hospitality, Cruz joined The Nines in May 2022 after a journey that took her from her native Argentina to various cities worldwide. Finding her heart in Portland, she embraces the local food scene and the quintessential Pacific Northwest lifestyle, always ready for an outdoor adventure.

You’ll often find Cruz exploring nature with her dog, enjoying a fine glass of wine in a cozy Portland spot, or discovering local treasures at a farmer’s market. Her diverse experiences and passions not only enrich her life but also enhance her role at The Nines, where she brings a world of insights to every guest interaction. Cruz’s top picks are:

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