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Original art pieces and an elegant staircase add to the grandeur of The Nines Hotel’s spectacular Portland meeting rooms, which easily lend themselves to a variety of Portland meetings and special events.

Set the Stage for Inspiration

A creative design concept and floor plan allows our highly skilled staff to offer a personalized experience for our guests – one that suits their style and needs. Unrivaled attention to detail is guaranteed from the sales, catering and culinary teams that work with our Portland meeting rooms at the Nines.

Flexible Spaces

Whether you choose one of our small meeting rooms or our unique event spaces, we offer flexible options that are perfect for hosting unrivalled events.

Catering Menus

With fresh, locally sourced ingredients and creative ideas, we offer a leading customized food & beverage experience that brings the Portland culinary scene to life.

Event Specialist

Contact our events specialist to start crafting your perfect meeting or event today! Our expert event planners can create a special package to fit your style and your budget.

Package Perks

Host your meeting or event at one of our spectacular venues. Your journey begins at The Nines, where our exceptional team will provide personalized, impeccable service.

Discover Floor plans, Seating Charts & Dining Options

Explore our floor plans & dining options for your unparalleled meeting or event at The Nines.

Floor Plans

Name of RoomApprox.
Room Size
Room Area
Ceiling HeightBanquetTheatreConferenceReceptionClassU-ShapeHollow
Meier Boardroom22.0′ x 24.0′528ft²9.0′16
Frank Boardroom22.0′ x 28.0′616ft²9.0′18
Studio36.0′ x 40.0′1,440ft²8.0′10018030125723224
Barrel Room29.0′ x 50.0′1,450ft²9.0′801403070482024
Gallery36.0′ x 63.0′2,268ft²8.0′150250542001205060
Gallery 1/2 & 2/336.0′ x 42.01,512ft²8.0′10016030120723242
Fashion35.0′ x 69.0′2,415ft²18.0′180340602501505060
Culture35.0′ x 69.0′2,415ft²18.0′180280602501505060
Design35.0′ x 69.0′2,415ft²18.0′180280602501505060
Design 1 & 235.0′ x 35.0′1,225ft²18.0′9012030100753040
Culture/Fashion70.0′ x 69.0′4,830ft²18.0′3605601005003006080
Fashion/Design70.0′ x 69.0′4,830ft²18.0′3605601005003006080
The Nines Ballroom69.0′ x 104.0′7,176ft²18.0′540900800450
Ruby Boardroom20.0′ x 20.0′316 ft²8.0′16

Get In Touch With Our Meetings & Events Specialist

Contact our meetings & events specialist to start crafting your unparalleled meeting or event at The Nines! Our expert event planners can create a special package to fit your style and your budget.

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